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USA Prepaid SIM Card With Data

With a HolidayPhone Pay As You Go Prepaid SIM card for USA, you can be reached on your ordinary UK mobile phone number without international roaming charges, and make cheap calls to the UK from USA. Flat rate data usage is included in price!
HolidayPhone USA - a smarter travel SIM card!
USA Voice+Data SIM

- Unlimited FREE calls & text within USA
- 3GB data in 3G speed included
- 20 hours calls to the UK included
- Stay reachable on your usual UK number without international roaming charges (saves £40*)
USA Data SIM card

- 3GB data at 4G speed included
- Ideal for tablet/USB modem or MiFi device

*) Compared to receiving calls on your UK number roaming with a British operator. Retaining your UK number abroad is a unique feature of HolidayPhone, not available for SIM cards sold elsewhere.

Tariffs for calling in the US (using voice+data SIM Card)

Our voice+data SIM card for USA includes plenty of talk time and 3GB Internet usage, at a safe fixed price. No need to spend additional money (and hassle) with endless topping up during your trip, as with other sim cards.

Calls to UK landlines Up to 20 hours included*
Calls to UK mobiles Up to 2 hours included*
Calls forwarded from your UK number to the US 1 hour of free call forwarding included. Additional call forwarding from 4p/minute).
Receiving texts/calls dialed to the US phone number Unlimited and free
Calls within USA (incl. to others using HolidayPhone) Unlimited and free - both mobile and landline
Sending text messages within the USA Unlimited and free
Sending text messages to the UK 40 international SMS included
Mobile Internet 3GB flat rate included

(*) The call balance to the UK includes 2 hours to a UK mobile phone, or 20 hours to fixed landlines. Naturally, you are free to mix the two, e.g. 1 hour to a mobile phone and 10 hours to fixed landlines.

In the US, data/Internet connectivity may not work for some models of Blackberry. However, making and receiving calls work the same way as for other phones.

How much do I save?

Price comparison: Two weeks holiday in the USA with the following usage:

- Receive calls on your UK mobile number: 1 hour
- Calls to the UK: 2 hours
- Calls within the US: 1 hour
- Data usage: 1000 MB

The average price from the leading UK operators is £1940, whereas with HolidayPhone you only pay £84.90

Order American Prepaid SIM card USA now »

Mobile Internet in USA included!

Our American Voice and Data SIM card comes with 3 GB mobile Internet data at 3G speed included. Read email and browse the Internet whilst on holiday without worrying about expensive phone bills when you get home!
You can also access Internet through iPad or iPhones and use it as an tablet SIM Card for Internet usage in the USA.
Tethering (Hotspot functionality to iPad/laptop etc) is not supported with this card. If you need to tether, we recommend our Data only SIM card.

Our Data only SIM includes 3 GB mobile data at 4G speeds, valid for 30 days from your arrival. Once your allocated 3 GB is consumed, you can continue to use internet at a much slower speed.
Hotspot (Tethering) is supported with this card, so you can create a Hotspot from your device and share your connection with others.

Say goodbye to arbitrary per MB fees. Note that for Blackberry phones, mobile internet is not supported. However voice calling works for Blackberry.

How long does 3GB data last?

This is a tough question to answer, because it depends on how you use it.

Typically 3GB data lasts for:
10000 emails (no attachments), plus 1000 emails with attachments, plus 8000 web pages, plus 600 photos to social media sites, plus 400 hours of Google Navigation usage.

For most travellers - the included data is more than enough.

Tariffs using HolidayPhone prepaid SIM card for USA

Our USA SIM card kits have been tailor-made for HolidayPhone, and adapted in cooperation with our US partner operator in order to make it as cheap as possible for travellers.

The US voice+data SIM card package contains everything you need to make cheap calls during your trip. 2 hours of outgoing calls to a cell phone in the UK are included, or as much as 20 hours of outgoing calls to a fixed UK landline. You can also combine, for example, 1 hour of mobile talk time with 10 hours of fixed landline talk time.
You can make free calls within the US and receive unlimited incoming calls and text messages.

Sim card validity

Our USA Prepaid SIM cards are valid for 30 days from the day of your arrival to the US. If you stay in the US longer than that, you can add optional extra validity for the sim card. Either you buy 30 days refill(s) together with your order of HolidayPhone so that everything is set for your entire trip, or you can buy top up from us separatly online while in the US. If you decide to top up during your trip, just send us an email after ordering additional top up time, and we will process it for you.

Send and receive text messages in the USA

A text message to the UK deducts 10 minutes from the 20 hours of outbound UK landline call balance. We recommend instead that you send messages over data, for example through iMessage, Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc.

Text messages within the USA are always free of charge and does not affect any call balance.

Calls between two travellers

Calls between travellers using HolidayPhone in the USA are completely free of charge!
If you are travelling with others, we recommend that you order a HolidayPhone USA simcard kit for the entire party, so that you can call between each other free of charge during the trip. To do so, just call directly to the local US cell phone number assigned to each prepaid SIM card. Since calls within the US are free of charge, you can call each other at absolutely no cost if all travellers have a HolidayPhone PAYG SIM card!

As a comparison, it could cost up to £5/minute to make calls between two UK mobile phones while in the US, not using HolidayPhone. This is due to the international roaming costs that apply both to the calling party, and the receiving party of the call. Therefore, just a few minutes of talk time between callers using HolidayPhone USA SIM cards will pay off.

What happens if I run out of call time?

You will no longer be able to make calls, but you can receive calls and continue to user the Internet service. You will not receive an invoice, be charged a higher price per minute or any other costs.

Calling the UK from the US (voice+data SIM)

When you want to call home from your HolidayPhone USA SIM card, just dial 011 44 and lose the zero in your British number. For example: UK number 07511 223344 becomes 011 44 7511 223344.

For certain phone models, you may have to start by dialling an access number in order to be able to make an international call in the US, which is what a call to the UK is. You will know if you hear an unobtainable tone when dialling 011 44....
If so, you will be able to call the UK by dialling the access number first, followed by 011 44... Easy to follow instructions will accompany your HolidayPhone US SIM card delivery.

For most phones bought in Europe, dialling 011 44... should work perfectly, though.

Receive calls in the USA

You receive inbound calls dialled to your British mobile phone number just as usual as all calls are seamlessly forwarded from UK to your US SIM card without any international roaming charges.

A US mobile phone number is included, that can be used when people within the US or travel companions using HolidayPhone, want to call you. There is no cost for receiving unlimited calls dialled directly to your US number.

What if the call forwarding time runs out?

The HolidayPhone package includes 1 hour of calls diverted from the UK. If you need more call forwarding, you can easily add extra hours at a low cost when placing your order, or when you're already at your destination.

When your call forwarding time is consumed, the call forwarding feature will simply stop working. You will never be charged extra fees for the service.

In comparison, it often costs £0.50-£3.00 per minute to receive calls while roaming with a UK operator abroad, so by using HolidayPhone, you can save up to £180 on receiving 1 hour of calls on your British phone number abroad.

Network coverage in the USA

The US operator uses AT&T's mobile network, which is the largest mobile network in USA, with generally the best overall coverage. Please note that the device that you bring on your trip must cover the American 850Mhz and 1900Mhz GSM frequencies.

Our Pay As You Go SIM card for USA works in the USA, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico / US Virgin Islands.

USA mobile network coverage map

Choose between Micro, Nano or Standard sized SIM

When ordering, be sure to choose the correct size and get a Micro, Nano or Standard sized SIM card.
- Standard size is used in older phones.
- Micro size is used in iPhone 4/4S and newer phone models.
- Nano size is only used in iPhone 5/5S/5C and iPad Mini.

If you are unsure about what size you'll need, just measure your current SIM card.

sim card

No obligations. No hassle. Direct dial local SIMs.

All HolidayPhone SIMs are local prepaid SIM cards which means that we can offer much lower rates, compared to using an "international SIM card".

There are no obligations, no contract and no subscription. We never charge any fees retrospectively.

If your destination country requires SIM card registration, we process your registration with the carrier on your behalf ahead of your arrival, so you don't have to worry about it. All HolidayPhone SIM cards are ready for use when you arrive at your destination.

Compare our offer with competitors

HolidayPhone offers a service that is cheap and easy to use. If you're comparing our service with other providers, make sure to check:

Do you get your UK calls forwarded for free, or will you be unreachable on your usual number while abroad?

Is mobile Internet / data included, or available at a reasonable price?

Is the SIM card activated and registered for you, or will you have to go through that hassle yourself upon arrival?

And lastly - compare rates. Our rates for calls, texts and internet are among the cheapest available in our destination countries.

Prepaid USA SIM Card

Order HolidayPhone USA

Order HolidayPhone Pay As You Go SIM Card for USA here »
You will receive the US prepaid SIM card along with easy to follow 1-2-3 instructions to your address, prior to your departure.

Keep in mind:

  • Delivery time to the UK
    3-4 business days with standard shipping, 1-2 business days with UPS.

  • Get the right size
    Double check to find out if you need a standard, micro or nano SIM card.

  • Purchase top ups
    Don't forget to add top ups or data plans, if needed, when you place your order. Generally, our basic SIM packages do not have a balance.

  • Abroad for a while?
    If you're traveling for an extended period of time, we recommend purchasing extra call forwarding hours to ensure you don't miss any calls!

  • Your phone must be unlocked
    In order to use our SIM cards, your mobile cannot be locked to a carrier. If you're unsure, contact your operator directly. Or maybe you have an older, unlocked phone you can use instead?

  • Do you have any questions?
    Check out our FAQ