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Stay connected while you’re abroad, with a local prepaid SIM card provided by HolidayPhone. Use your usual cell phone during your trip, while making calls, sending texts and surfing the internet at super low rates. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Select

Select your destination and preferred package then place your order online. Don’t forget to check if your phone is locked to a specific operator. If it is, ask them to unlock it or use an older phone if possible. If you only need data coverage, get our SIM for your tablet! 

2. Receive

Receive your prepaid SIM card with easy-to-follow instructions in your mailbox. Once you’re abroad, insert the SIM card in your device to get started.

3. Enjoy

Sit back and relax during your trip and enjoy cheap calls & mobile internet! When you return home, just switch back to your old SIM. There won’t be a scary roaming bill waiting for you – no subscription, no hassle!

Why choose HolidayPhone?

We’ve searched the world for the best local SIM cards with great call rates and data packages. We’ve also introduced a unique call forwarding solution that allows you to keep your usual cell phone number. Local prices will beat roaming with your home operator every time – feel free to compare!

How much do I save?

On average, a HolidayPhone customer saves up to 97% per minute compared to calling with their usual operator. When it comes to data, the potential savings are even bigger! 

With HolidayPhone’s local data packages, you typically get 1 GB of data for the same price your regular operator charges for 1 MB, the equivalent of only 10 minutes on Facebook. A HolidayPhone SIM card allows you to use mobile data while travelling just like you usually do at home. Feel free to check your email, navigate using GPS, upload photos to Instagram or update your Facebook status, without worrying about a massive phone bill

You can always find exact prices and savings comparisons on our destination pages.